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Sexy Box!!!

SEXYY!!!!! D:<<<

Taken from :icondishrag: and also blame :iconkangel:!! :noes: Marvel at its wholesome goodness. Spread the word of the sexy! A sexy box on every page!!! :iconhardcoreplz:

MOAR SEXY!!! :iconmoarplz: ILU Dishrag SEXIEST PICTURE EVER EDIT by Dishrag


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Video List and To-Do List!

Fri May 1, 2015, 3:38 AM
New video: Radioactive - Imagine Dragons [MMD] I quite like the end result. ^^

Here's a list of completed videos and also my to-do list. I really love editing, and it's worth the time to hear that others enjoy them also. Any comments, likes, subscribes or shares are truly appreciated and makes a difference.

I create videos that I myself find entertaining, so please check them out~ hopefully there's something you like! ^-^

If you're new to my videos, they're of fandoms such as Five Nights At Freddy's, Death Note, Naruto, Thor, Dredd, Starfighter, and others. And while the older ones aren't as technical as the newer ones, I still hope you enjoy the concept and they make you laugh. ^-^

Please note that my current YouTube channel is this…
(The videos listed below are on various accounts, but new vids will be uploaded to the above account in case you wanted to subscribe. ^^ )

:bulletpurple::bulletorange::bulletwhite:VIDEO LIST :bulletwhite::bulletorange::bulletpurple:

:bulletred: = parody/funny/comedy
:bulletyellow: = fun
:bulletblue: = action/serious

:bulletred: [MMD] Alternate Ending (sorta) (2015) [link]
:bulletred: [MMD] Shake It Off - Taylor Swift (2015) [link]
:bulletyellow: [MMD] Human FNAF - Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson (2015) [link]
:bulletyellow: [MMD] Springtrap - Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson (2015) [link]
:bulletblue: [MMD] The Monster - Eminem Rihanna (2015) [link]
:bulletred: [MMD] Bonnie Let's Rock - Duke Nukem (2015) [link]
:bulletred: FNAF roll - Rick Roll (2015) [link] (if blocked, here's dailymotion… )
:bulletyellow: Macarena animated sprites (2015) [link]
:bulletred: FNAF movie trailer - THE RING version (2015) [link]
:bulletred: FNAF movie trailer - SAW version (2015) [link]
:bulletred: FNAF Randomness (2015) [link]
:bulletyellow: Nowhere To Run (2014) [link]

:bulletblue: Loki - Prospero's Speech (2014) [link]
:bulletred: Masochistic Loki - Rihanna S&M (2013) [link]
:bulletred: Loki's Hangover (2013) [link]
:bulletred: Loki Imprisoned Pulp Fiction parody (2012) [link]
:bulletred: Loki Mentos ad parody (2012) [link]

:bulletred: [MMD] Light's Circus - Britney Spears (2015) [link]
:bulletyellow: [MMD] Death Note's Back! Backstreet Boys (2015) [link]
:bulletyellow: [MMD] Kira Lupin (2015) [link]
:bulletred: [MMD] Light's a womanizer - Britney Spears (2015) [link]
:bulletblue: Starry Eyed Misa (2012) [link]
:bulletred: Without L REMAKE (Eminem) (2010) [link]
:bulletred: Unbeatable Death Note - Pokemon OP8 (2009) [link]
:bulletblue: Matt's Kryptonite - slideshow (2009) [link]
:bulletblue: My part of DBSK MEP (2008) [link]
:bulletred: Kira Drives L Crazy - Britney Spears (2008) [link]
:bulletblue: Misa's Stranger - Hilary Duff (2008) [link]
:bulletblue: You Want a Piece Of Takada? (2008) [link]
:bulletred: Sweeney Kira (2008) [link]
:bulletred: L's Band - Eminem (2008) [link]
:bulletred: Light's Character Song - Pokemon OP2 (2008) [link]
:bulletred: Captain Planet and the Taskforce-eers (2008) [link]
:bulletred: Misa is Captain Planet (2008) [link]
:bulletred: Hard Mello - Hard Gay parody (2007) [link]
:bulletred: LxLight - She Hates Me (2007) [link]
:bulletred: Death Note Rewrite - Ooh Stick You version (2007) [link]
:bulletred: Mello Matt crazy Barbie Girl AMV (2007) [link]
:bulletred: Light's Pretty Fly (2007) [link]
:bulletred: Sakujo Note - death note AMV deletion parody #2 (2007) [link]
:bulletred: Gwen Stefani's L Perfume parody (2007) [link]
:bulletred: Near's Theme Song - MSI (2007) [link]
:bulletred: Lucky Star op performed by DN (2007) [link]
:bulletred: Sesame Street parody (2007) [link]
:bulletred: Shinigami-busters (2007) [link]
:bulletred: The Real Light Yagami - Eminem (2007)…
:bulletred: U Toob Note - death note AMV deletion parody (2007) [link]
:bulletred: Light Brings Sexy Back ep 37 parody (2007) [link]
:bulletred: Without L (Eminem) (2007) [link]
:bulletred: Light is White and Nerdy (2007) [link]

:bulletred: Naruto Dumbed Down (2010) [link]
:bulletblue: Blue Kabuto - Orokabu (2009) [link]
:bulletred: Sasuke Is Stronger - Britney Spears (2008) [link]
:bulletred: Sai's Ebonics Language Lesson (2008) [link]
:bulletred: Sasuke Kissed Naruto - Katy Perry (2008) [link]
:bulletyellow: Lily Slideshow - yaoi pics (2008) [link]
:bulletblue: How Itachi Reminds Sasuke- Nickleback (2008) [link]
:bulletblue: Itachi Likes KMFDM (2008) [link]
:bulletred: Itachi Must Be Emo (2008) [link]
:bulletblue: Itachi Says Goodbye (2008) [link]

DREDD :icondreddheads:
:bulletblue: Ma-Ma's Fall - Blue Stahli (2014) [link]
:bulletred: Dredd randomness (2014) [link]

DUE SOUTH :icondue-south-fans:
:bulletred: Ambiguously Gay Duo parody (2009) [link]
:bulletred: Dude Looks Like A Lady (2009) [link]

STARFIGHTER :iconstarfighter-fanclub:
:bulletyellow: [MMD] Cain Abel Luvoratorrrrry!! (2015) [link]
:bulletblue: Freaky Abel - yaoi (2011) [link]
:bulletblue: Abel's Poison - yaoi (2010) [link]

:bulletred: Smells Like Haruhi - Nirvana (2009) [link]
:bulletyellow: Caramelldansen (2008) [link]

:bulletyellow: [MMD] Tik Tok Tesla stage (2015) [link]
:bulletblue: [MMD] Radioactive - Imagine Dragons (2015) [link]
:bulletyellow: [MMD] VMDSpectrum Galaxy Miku preview vid - Work Bitch - Britney Spears (2015) [link]
:bulletyellow: [MMD] Metallic Miku Append test vid - Girl Gone Wild - Madonna (2015) [link]
:bulletyellow: [MMD] Galaxy Miku preview vid - Slave To The Rhythm - Michael Jackson (2015) [link]
:bulletyellow: [MMD] Be Myself - Megumi Nakagima (2015) [link]
:bulletyellow: [MMD] Ne~e Perfume Miku Luka Teto (2015) [link]
:bulletyellow: [MMD] Append models Technologic (2015) [link]
:bulletyellow: [MMD] Miku x 6 Talk Dirty (2015) [link]
:bulletred: Rihanna Te Amo S&M mashup (2013) [link]
:bulletred: Hollow Swagger - The Hollow Crown spoof (2013) [link]
:bulletred: Temple run game spoof (2013) [link]
:bulletblue: BLACK ROCK SHOOTER - Kill Me Every Time - Blue Stahli (2013) [link]
:bulletred: The Duck Song - Duck Hunt parody (2013) [link]
:bulletred: GTA4 mod - Never Dance Again - Blue Stahli (2013) [link]
:bulletred: MISC - Suit Up - Blue Stahli (2013) [link]
:bulletred: DMC5 Bewitched parody (2013) [link]
:bulletyellow: JUST YOGHURTING - Macarena (2012) [link]
:bulletyellow: JEDWARD - Waterline (2012) [link]
:bulletblue: Give Me Everything You've Got - Blue Stahli (2012) [link]
:bulletyellow: JUST YOGHURTING - Electric - Blue Stahli remix of The DNC (2011) [link]
:bulletblue: GUNSMITH CATS - Le Disko (2010) [link]
:bulletblue: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION - Eva Refractor (2010) [link]
:bulletblue: BLEACH - Ichigo Just Wants To Live (2008) [link]

:star: YouTube playlist of my videos across my various accounts:… :star:

(and these are just the ones where I think it's something I 'must' do! Some have been percolating for a while~ Let me know if there's something you really wanna see ;) )

Death Note - Light's too sexy (started)
FNAF - fake movie teaser (started)
MMD - DN luvoraty
MMD - bonnierock

Loki - good girls (fun)
Loki - firstborn (serious)
Loki - Pretender (serious)
Thor - log (silly vid, would be under 10 hours to make)
Thor - magical girl change (silly vid, would be under 10 hours to make)

Death Note - Light vid (serious)
Death Note - Mello (semi-serious)
Death Note - yaoi (silly vid, would be under 10 hours to make)
Death Note - what's up people? (silly vid, would be under 10 hours to make)
Death Note - Naughty Boy (silly vid, would be under 10 hours to make)
Death Note - L's ding dong song (silly vid, would be under 10 hours to make)

Due South - summer (serious)
Due South - UFO (fun)

Only Lovers Left Alive - Possession (serious)

Dredd - atmospheric light (short, would be under 10 hours to make)

Zelda - device has been modified
Haruhi - God is a girl

Starfighter - Cain - own little world

Rurouni Kenshin - Aoshi - walks alone
Rurouni Kenshin - dance commander
Rurouni Kenshin - silver and cold
Higurashi - look who's perfect now
Devil May Cry + hellsing - Ultranumb
Star Trek next gen - Schadenfreude Q - Avenue Q
Sucker Punch - Prelude 21/12
Jedward - Wow oh wow fumoffu
Voltron - I need you tonight Lotor/Allura
Voltron - walk away, u and ur hand, 
Hellsing - Die my darling (ends with Seras getting turned into a vampire)
Must be dreaming - Spirited away
Rock you like a hurricane scorpions Hellsing
holiday - monster
Ouran High School - fashion Lady Gaga
The Twilight zone - where nothing makes sense

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spreading the Sexy(box)
For the lulz! ^^


:bulletblue: Bum reviews Twilight (reviewed by a bum! 8D )…
:bulletblue: tWHYlight (flash on newgrounds)…
:bulletblue: Buffy vs Edward…
:bulletblue: Dear Urinal...……

:bulletblue: Jesus Christ, Vampire Slayer trailer… and synopsis…
:bulletblue: Dragonball movie trailer, coming to America this year! XD…
:bulletblue: Big Rigs - Over The Road Racing video review by Gamespot… (written review here… )
:bulletblue: Bollywood ripoff of The Matrix lobby scene…
:bulletblue: Bollywood ripoff of MJ's Thriller…
:bulletblue: The Chaser podcasts to download - seasons 2 and 3… (thx Chaser-Chasers)
:bulletblue: How to Open a Book
:bulletblue: Matrix runs on Windows XP (for more, see their channel)
:bulletblue: Minesweeper: The Movie (for more, see their channel)
:bulletblue: Tetris: The Movie
:bulletblue: Nintendo Wii rejected game concepts
:bulletblue: If movies had cell phones
:bulletblue: 24: the unaired pilot
:bulletblue: Internet Commenter Business Meeting
:bulletblue: Sarah Palin Disney Trailer
:bulletblue: The Singhsons

:bulletblue: Computer Stupidities
:bulletblue: The Customer Is Not Always Right
:bulletblue: FailBlog
:bulletblue: The Language Barrier
:bulletblue: chasethehedgehog on ED and ConceptArt……
:bulletblue: Funny Mythbusters parody comic…
:bulletblue: "Fat Criminal" - tribute to MJ, king of 'pop' chadthecartoonnut.deviantart.c…
:bulletblue: (the customer is) Not Always Right
:bulletblue: Who the F*** is Matt and Death Note in 30 seconds (thx, hella-toes)
:bulletblue: DisneyxMarvel…
:bulletblue: The Nigga Song
:bulletblue: Want to see large breasts?
:bulletblue: Photoshop Disasters
Reactable -
:bulletblue: Alien warning…
:bulletblue: Dumb Deviantart comments
:bulletblue: It came from deviantart…

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AbbieSS Halloween Rampage
Wed Apr 22, 2015, 7:07 AM
Love your L Pictures, i'm a big fan of death note :D
Sun Apr 19, 2015, 3:59 PM
alex ok yes
Mon Apr 6, 2015, 3:38 AM
Sun Mar 15, 2015, 4:31 AM
Wed Feb 25, 2015, 9:29 PM
Be who u want to Be and spread the sexy~
Thu Feb 19, 2015, 2:45 PM
Hey, is there a way for me to be in the mastermind contest? If you can respond, note me
Sun Feb 15, 2015, 5:12 PM
Bk herb Khrushchev herbal hbkjhvufkhiuthivuhtiuvhtrouvhiruthvirgjhvigruvhorgih hai :3
Fri Sep 5, 2014, 6:15 PM
Did anyone else see the Edward Cullen GIF? Lol.
Thu Sep 4, 2014, 7:12 PM


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